Announcing TEN4

Consumers demand top-of-the-line service without excuses. They want results: fast, accurate, and at the best possible price. Given today’s competitive climate, you must deliver on these expectations; if not, your customers will find competitors who will.

Nexent Innovations announces a new dispatch and scheduling application that will enable you to provide services that will delight your customers. We understand that running a service business is extraordinarily challenging because you must manage scheduled and one-off service calls, handle work order management, keep track of inventory, keep up on the billing, and provide estimates for new business. There is no doubt that you and your team are busy, which is why we have developed TEN4 to make your day-to-day operations easier.

Our simple, intuitive, and efficient TEN4 application will improve your workflows, giving you the tools that you need to manage your business in an increasingly connected world. Integrated directly to QuickBooks Online, TEN4 will improve the transparency and efficiency of your team of technicians by seamlessly managing your service calls, inventory, estimates, and billings. Using the intuitive interface, you can see what’s going on and make changes from anywhere, from your office or even from the beach.

The information is available in real time, giving you the understanding of how your service operations are performing now instead of at some distant point in the past. You can examine individual jobs and technician performance, customer data and service history, and other information to gain insights you can use to improve every facet of your service organization. This ensures that your processes are always operating at the highest level of performance.

The technical team benefits as well by getting immediate access from anywhere to open jobs or tickets, including the relevant customer data, service history, and any other needed information. This is available to them from their mobile device–tablet or smart phone–whether they are in the office, at home, or in the field.

Better still, your customers will directly benefit from automated text and email notifications. They can opt in to receive detailed updates so they will always know the status of their support request. We understand that a little communication can go a long way towards building strong customer relationships.

Nexent Innovations is developing next-generation tools to help service professionals and businesses succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our goal is to design products that improve our customers’ efficiency, captivate their clients, and increase their bottom line.