Locksmith Scheduling

locksmith dispatch software

Locksmiths are in high demand because of the range of important services they provide. When someone needs to gain entry to a building or vehicle, it’s usually urgent and customers are not patient with delays and problems. Locksmith emergencies can occur all hours of the day and all days of the week. Sometimes, time is of the essence, since lives and property may depend on the quick response of a skilled locksmith.

Would you like to increase the productivity of your locksmith service business and provide an even higher level of customer experience for your clients? Nexent Innovation’s TEN4 locksmith scheduling software is the solution to an ever more competitive market. Your customers will be thrilled by the superb service that they receive, you’ll save time, and your technicians and service staff may even thank you for making their jobs easier and more efficient.

Scheduling is one of the biggest issues faced by locksmith service businesses today. The competition is waiting to grab your customers at every possibility, so you must always provide optimum service. Any slip-ups such as missed or late appointments can ruin an otherwise excellent service call.

With TEN4 Locksmith Dispatch Software, your scheduling team uses a simple, easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to enter, change, and reschedule appointments. Using their smart phones, your technicians receive notifications of their assignments via their mobile app so they can bring along key blanks, locksets, levers, or other items that they may need to complete the job. This reduces the possibility that technicians will arrive on scene without the parts they need. They can order additional supplies and parts directly from their mobile device.

Customers want to be informed of when their locksmith is on the way and any changes in schedules that may occur. TEN4 automatically notifies your clients using email or text messaging so they are always updated and informed of the status of their locksmith job. Informed customers are happy customers, even when things go wrong.

The locksmith scheduling software automatically interfaces to your QuickBooks Online accounting application. This makes invoicing your clients simple, since all the information flows through from TEN4 automatically so you can say good-bye to double-entering.

Schedule a demo of the TEN4 locksmith scheduling service software right away to begin seeing the benefits to your locksmith service business.

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