Why Use TEN4 for Scheduling

Delight Your Team and Customers with TEN4’s Full Featured Scheduling

Delight your customers with your excellent service. Satisfied customers renew their contracts, leave 5-star reviews on social media, and refer your business to their friends and associates. Build good will by always delivering the right technician on time with the correct tools to get the job done. Even on those occasions when something goes wrong, you prevent upset customers with prompt messaging that lets them know what’s happening.

Scheduling it’s at the heart of every service-oriented business. Without good scheduling, your team cannot provide the level of service that your customers demand. Customer frustration can reach the boiling point when appointments are missed, technicians with the wrong skill set or tools are assigned, and communication is poor. Mediocre scheduling is a leading cause of terminated contracts, one-star reviews on social media, and a reduction in profits.

The solution is to take advantage of the hosted shared scheduling environment of TEN4, enabling your team to collaborate regardless of their physical location using their mobile applications. Efficiency is increased because every member of the team is aware of their call schedule, so they’ll never miss a scheduled appointment.

Using TEN4 Scheduling, you always know when calls are scheduled, how your team is deployed, and what time is available to take on other tasks. You’ll get the benefit of automated customizable notifications of job assignments and changes, all with the convenience of a drag-and-drop scheduling calendar. This will make the formally arduous task of scheduling and dispatching simple and convenient.

You’ll be able to use TEN4 Scheduling to take service request calls in seconds with access up-to-date customer information and service history at a moment’s notice. Customers will no longer need to wait for you to locate their files since you can find everything you need almost instantly.

This increases the efficiency and productivity of taking calls and gives your teams the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

The goal is never to miss a scheduled appointment. However, sometimes jobs take longer than expected or unexpected events occur. TEN4 manages communicating with your service technicians and customers so they are kept informed of the current status.

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